Monday, August 24, 2009

Quilted Kitchen Rug

A matching kitchen rug is what I made to match my hot pads! I'm slowly trying to get my small apartment kitchen to coordinate.

Step #1 -
Cut out top and bottom. I made the bottom 16 x 25 (the picture shows different, I cut a bit of later - still not sure how I was going to finish the edges). On the top I cut out 4, 5 x 25 pieces.

Step #2 -
Sew the pieces together 1/2 inch seam allowance. Press seams open.

Step #3 -
I used an old blanket for the batting. I took a small - used - baby quilt and folded it in half. I put the bottom piece of the rug (right side facing down) on the ground and then put the baby blanket on top of it - matching up the right angle corners. Then I put the top piece, facing out, on top - matching the corners as well.

I didn't want to cut the blanket until it was sewn in my rug (you could cut it now if you wanted). I pinned the blanket to the rug pieces and quilted the straight seam stitches. This now held all my pieces together.

Step #4 -
Notice how the blanket is hanging out on both sides. Pin around the 4 edges and baste together. After you baste, trim off the extra blanket.

Step #5 -
Get your bias tape ready. My bias tape (again in this case it wasn't "bias" tape, it was cut on the grain). was cut from the same fabric as the bottom of the rug.

Tape = Fold fabric in half, press. Then fold each side into the center fold. Press.

Step #6 -
Pin tape to rug. Stitch first seam all the way around. Stitching will be on the outside fold line.

Step #7 -
Turn the tape around and pin so the tape closes off the raw edge. Stitch around rug.

Finished Rug. Front and Back.

(notice the baby proof tie on my kitchen cabinets)

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