Saturday, August 8, 2009

Birdie Sling (Amy Butler inspired, self variation)

Recently I have become a bag person. I need a bag I can throw everything in and go. Having a young child makes a nice bag worth having! I did some searching online and found this site . I love Amy Butler fabric and patterns. I didn't want to spend the money to buy the pattern, so I looked at the bag and figured out a pattern on my own.

I started with newspaper and cut out the size I wanted. I rounded the corners on the bottom and extended the top, making it a little wider than the bottom - allowing for the darts/seams at the top. I kind of estimated the thickness of the handles and top band.

I cut out the liner the exact same as the bag fabric and ironed on interfacing to the outside fabric. Once the liner was sewn, I kept it wrong side out and put the bag fabric over it (turned the right way). I then basted the liner inside the bag. Then I worked on the straps.

With the straps I just added interfacing to the handles - not the band of fabric around the top of the bag. After everything was sewn in place, I top stitched to finish it off. I also added a pocked on the side!! ;) nice for a cell phone and keys.

The only change I think I would make is the fabric choice. I love stripes and always have, but I do believe this bag would be much cuter if it were a big, bolder print. Oh well, perhaps next time. . . I could always go for another bag :)

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edeenut said...

sounds like you sew like me, make your own pattern up and wing it.
Looks nice.