Monday, August 10, 2009

Fabric Headband

A year or so ago I purchased a headband I thought I would enjoy. It turns out the fabric was too loose and I felt like it looked silly on my head. As a result, it sat in my bathroom for a long time not getting worn.

I really like headbands and wanted to buy another one. I remembered the one in my bathroom and decided I would give it a new look!

I took off the fabric and was left with a plain, empty headband. The bonus was it still had sticky tape on it for me to add new fabric to.

Headband after I took off the fabric end clasps (keeping the fabric connected on the ends). Not awful, but I didn't like the loose fabric.

Cute silky fabric to make something with in the future?. . .

My new choice of fabric - to cover my headband!

Finished product! It was nice to have a surface of double sided tape used by the previous fabric to allow the new fabric to stick to the front. I used a hot glue gun for the underside. I folded it under and used a small amount of glue. It doesn't look awful, but you could always add some ribbon or trim to cover the fabric fold (like many store bought headbands have - take a look).

During the summer with hot and humid heat, I wear my hair up a lot! A headband is a perfect way for me to feel like I did "something" to my hair.

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