Friday, January 21, 2011

Yoga Mat Bag - Take 2

You may remember this orange yoga mat bag from a post I made a month ago. I just made another bag today with different fabric.

I've always been a fan of stripes and geometric shapes. No mater what I do, I can't turn away from them at the fabric store (I've tried!). I love the natural colors of this bag. Earth tones - perfect for yoga.

The pattern is the same as the orange bag I made before. I just decided to play with my fabric choice. It still has the same draw string closure with the straps (pull on the straps and the bag tightens).
You can see the two straps a little better and how they are attached.
This bag is now in my ETSY Shop by the way.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Half Aprons - Child and Adult

I filled an order on ETSY this week for 14 girls half aprons and 1 adult apron. They are for an American Girl Birthday Party. It sounds really fun and I hope the girls are excited!!
Here is a quick look at the half white aprons I made for the girls.

The mom also wanted one but thought it would be more fun to have a different pattern. I love the fabric she choose! One of my favorite colors.
I added two pockets to the front of the mom's - who doesn't need a pocket? Especially when running a birthday party.
Since I was home alone today I couldn't try the apron on for a picture (and my pregnant belly might not flatter the apron). Here's a view of the whole thing.

These aprons are ironed and ready to be folded up and shipped.

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Reusable Snack Sacks

I've been making these reusable lunch bags for a little over a year now. I've had lots of people comment how they wished I would make reusable snack bags to match the lunch bags. I finally got around to putting something together. I think they're pretty cute!

Here's a blue lunch bag with matching sandwich bag. The sandwich bags are 7" x 6.5" The snack bags are 6" x 5"
Here are a few other patterns that I've done (they also match lunch bags in my ETSY shop).

My favorite thing about these bags is they are NOT clear. I can put treats in them for my son and he doesn't know what they are (and want them right then!) They're a great little bag for many purposes.

You could even pack make-up or toiletries inside for a trip!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Maternity Pants - Do it yourself!

I am expecting my second child in 7 weeks!! When I was pregnant with my first baby it was the summer. I wore mostly skirts to work and capri's when off work. This time around it's winter! I can't get by with only skirts and capri's. I figured I would make my own maternity pants out of jeans that I loved and knew fit well.
I gathered my supplies: Thick elastic and some blue knit.
I started by unpicking the top waist band of the jeans I was going to use. I only had to do the belt loops and bottom seam of the waist band.
It wasn't hard to unstitch.

Not Pictured: - I then measured my elastic to the size I would need. I also measured the knit fabric to cover the elastic.

- I started out by sewing the knit fabric (right sides together) to the top of the jeans - all the way around. I then measured how much space I would need to insert the elastic and stitched a tube. I inserted the elastic and top stitched at the top and bottom of the elastic to prevent the elastic from rolling.

Finished product. These jeans are my favorite maternity jeans! It was a simple easy project I would do again if needed. It saved money because I already had the extra pair of jeans!!

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Toddler Flannel Pajamas

I recently made two pairs of flannel pajamas. I used THIS pattern. Because it was made for stretch knits, I had to change the top a bit. I thought about just making the head opening larger, but then I realized a toddlers head is much larger than their shoulders - proportionally. The opening would have had to be too large. I decided to line the neck and front opening (I added) and make buttons in the front. It was pretty easy and I think they look great!
The bottoms are simple pajama pants - just like adults! So easy and so comfy to wear.

My son trying them on. He loved the "birds" on the fabric.

A second pair.

My son called these the "music" ones. I guess he knows what a music note is. It's funny the things kids catch on to and remember.

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