Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Laundry Sock Bag

With little tiny socks around my house, I want to try and keep them all matched. One way socks can get lost is in the laundry. I know you can buy little draw string bags to put bras, socks, and small things in for washing. I decided to make my own.

Supplies needed: tulle (softer kind), ribbon

Step 1 -
Cut the size you would like out of the fabric. Mine is about 12 inches wide by 18-20 inches finished. Fold in half and sew up the sides. I cut mine in such a way I only need to sew up the two sides. If you don't have a surger, I recommend zig-zag stitching and using a straight stitch to ensure the fabric will stay sewn together. Sometimes it's tricky with the holes in the fabric.

**Read step #2 before finishing the second side!

Step 2 -
Find a ribbon you like and sew it in a few inches from the top. Make sure the ribbon sticks out on the finished side.

Step 3 - Gather socks and use!

I leave my sock bag draped over the edge of my sons laundry basket, that way I can toss the socks in when they're dirty, rather than sorting them out when I actually do the laundry.

I hope this helps keep your socks and other small things together in the laundry.

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