Tuesday, August 11, 2009

List Notebook

I am a list person! I make lists.

Lately, I've had more lists than usual. I feel like every day I'm creating a new list. There are more things for me to think about and do than I have time for, I feel. By writing them down I can put them off until another day . . . right?

I've started to keep track of things in this little fabric covered notebook! A little cuteness to brighten my day.


edeenut said...

Is that a full sized notebook or a smaller one? Did you just glue the fabric on? I like it. cute to carry around in your purse.

Heather said...

This notebook is about 9.5 X 6. It's not quite full size, but not small enough to fit in a purse/bag. I use it at home mostly! I did glue the fabric on. I glued it with hot glue on the inside. When I took the picture I hadn't finished putting the inside cover fabric in. You can tell from the corner edge in the picture . . .