Thursday, August 6, 2009

Diaper changing pad

Water Proof Changing Pad - Thin and easy to pack or store.

I no longer change my son on a changing table with a big thick changing pad. He's too big and moves to much for his safety. I do, however, use this thin changing pad to protect my carpet.

Step 1 - cut the sheet into the shape you prefer, in my case it was a square for a diaper changing pad.

Step 2 - round the corners (by cutting off the sharp edge).

Step3 - make or find bias tape to finish the edges.

Step 4 - measure and pin the bias tape around the square. Leave an inch or two extra for finishing.

Step 5 - sew bias tape on, making sure to have the start and finish folded under for a nice finished edge. I used a zigzag stitch as an embellishment. A straight stitch would also work.

Step 6 - Put to good use! I love to keep this handy for floor diaper changes when my son might create a mess while changing OR toss this in your diaper bag for the go. It's small and doesn't take up a lot of space!

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