Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quilted Hot Pads

I have been in need of some hot pads since I got married. I only own one oven mitt, and that is from an estate sale after someones mother passed away. It was $.25!! Can't beat that. But I sure can beat the look of the old mitt.

After using rag after rag, towel after towel to put hot pans on, I decided it was time to break down and make some decent hot pads. I knew my kitchen would look better and I would smile each time I used them.

I found a great tutorial here for super cute quilted hot pads. With this as a guideline, I pulled out my fabric and went to work. Here are the steps I took:

Step #1 -
Choose your fabric. I chose two different patterns to keep it simple. I decided I would make two hot pads and alternate the colors of the two - making them slightly different but still a set.

Step #2 -
Measure and cut out each square - 9 inches by 9 inches (finished hot pad = 8x8). This is the back of the hot pad. Cut out as many hot pads as you are making.

Step #3 -
Cut 4 stripes of fabric for each hot pad front. I cut them 9 X 3 (this leaves a small 1/4" seam allowance between stripes and a bit more on the outside edge). Cut your batting 8X8".

Step #4 -
Sew the stripes together with 1/4" seam allowance. Press seams open when done.

Step #5 -
Layer your front, batting, and back together and sew around edge. 1/4-1/2" seam allowance.

*note - you should probably do step #10 next, I forgot and did it after the bias tape was already sewn on. Doing it now will make the finished product look nicer!

Step #6 -
Make your bias seam tape. I did not make my tape on the bias. I cut stripes of 40"X 2.5". Press in half and then bring both sides into that center fold. Press.

Step #7 -
Pin tape to edge of hot pad. Leave a tail for a hanging hook (bottom photo).

*As you pin, you should see how the tape folds around the raw edge - this can be a check to make sure you're pinning it the right way.

Step #8 -
Sew the first seam of tape to hot pad. This will attach only the first side of the tape. Leave the tail un-sewn for now.

Step #9 -
Decide how long you want your hanging hook to be (top right). Cut off the rest of tail and top stitch tail from the end going towards the hot pad (top left). Stop before you get the the hot pad and tuck tail into the tape hiding the end. You will also tuck the ending side of the tape in this opening (bottom pictures). Continue top stitching around the hot pad, finishing the seam and closing off the tape.

Step #10 -
Stitch along your stripes seams. This will quilt the hot pad and keep all layers together.

*note - this step would be better off if done after Step #5. Doing it earlier will hide you back stitching on each end, under your bias tape.

Step #11 -
Hot pad should be done and ready to use. I made two hot pads with the back and bias tape colors swapped. You can see my alternating fabric better on step #8.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Comments are always welcome!


heather jane said...

Nice work!!! These turned out sooo cute! My pot holders always look so bad...

edeenut said...

so did you see you were the winner on my blog? congratulations. talk to me about your choices.

Ally Mack said...

looks good! I need to make some