Saturday, July 31, 2010

One Year

I was noticing yesterday I've had my blog for one year. There are exactly the same amount of post in 2009 and there are in 2010 (well, until this one). 46 posts each in 6 month chunks of time. Nice! Obviously I didn't even plan that. I wanted to do something fun when I reached a year but I missed that July 17th date a few weeks back. Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait another year? Or perhaps a year and a half? We'll see. Anyway, here's to sewing and blogging!

Happy Saturday!

I may hit up some yard sales later? I'm still in search of a nice brown chest for our front room for my son to call his "toy box". Until then. . .

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Taking in Wide Legged Pants - Gaucho's

I have a pair of gaucho's that I used to dance in during my undergrad. I love the cotton fabric and cute waist at the top - but I don't love the huge legs that look like a skirt!
I decided that if I'm going to enjoy wearing them again I need to do something about the extra wide leg!

(Sorry this picture is VERY yellow)

I turned my pants inside out and pinned a new seam line. After I pinned them, I tried them on for fit - checking to see if I would actually accomplish my goal of taking the leg in enough.
Once the pins were in the perfect spot, I did a basting zig-zag stitch (because it is knit fabric I wanted the stitch to give a bit. A straight stitch doesn't allow for give).

Once the basting was done and I knew the pants were how I wanted them, I surged over the zig-zag stitch. Perfect!

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Life as Lori


Friday, July 23, 2010

Tutu - One year old Birthday

I had the privileged of making a magenta tutu for a little girls first birthday via an Etsy order. This tutu was a sewn, gathered tutu - not a "tie-on" tutu like many you see around. Because I grew up dancing I love the real thing - a tutu that stands straight out and puffs out :)

I used magenta and light pink tulle intermixed (the main color being magenta). It was finished with a satin magenta waist band.

I sent it off in the mail yesterday with a tulle bow (I was so sad I forget to take a picture of it). Her birthday is in a week or so. Happy Birthday!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Etsy Shop Additions

I finally had some time to add a few bags to my Etsy Shop . If you have time stop by and take a look.

I'm off to see sisters tomorrow :) Yeah!!! I'll be back in a week.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sewing + Summer Fun/Vacation

This summer has been a whirlwind! We moved across the country, left for a 2 week Europe trip one week later, back home to unpack and get settled for 2 weeks and then a coast backpacking trip for one week, home for one week and then I'm off on Monday for a trip to see my sisters!! WOW! Just saying it all again makes me feel worn out. I feel like lots of things have been neglected and I haven't had time for many of my sewing "wants".

Today I'm working on getting some lunch bags back in my Etsy Shop . It has nearly sold out! Perhaps late tonight or tomorrow morning I'll finally have a full shop again.

Hopefully after I get back next week I'll start to find some balance to life in my new place :) Until then . . .

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Linen Skirt

Skirts are a must in the summer! I love that they are so comfortable and can be dressed up or down. I love linen and wanted to make a cute summer skirt.

This skirt has a simple waist band with 3 panels on the front and 3 panels on the back. The aren't cut on the bias which I was a little sad about once I read the pattern at home (after already buying it), but it turned out great and it doesn't bother me that it's on the grain and not a bias cut. A simple hidden zipper closes the skirt in the back.

It was a New Look pattern at Jo Anns. So simple!!! I was looking for the style I wanted rather than sewing skills. I whipped it up in little over an hour start to finish (cutting out to hem).

I just washed this and hung it to take a picture. I'm sorry I didn't iron it first :(


Long work out pants into Capri's

I grew up dancing and continue dancing to this day. Over the years I have accumulated a lot of dance clothes. Some of which are still in style, some of them are not. There were 2 years in high school we got the same long black stretchy boot-cut/flare "jazz" pants to dance and perform in. I have 3 pairs! I decided to change them a bit since I'm not a huge fan of the flare "jazz" pant anymore.
I serged the bottom off about a foot to make them capri's! I also had to adjust the inside seam of the legs - they were a bit wider than I wanted with a weird flare starting past the knee.
I love my new pair of work out capri's. They've already been on some good morning runs outside and will be great for aerobics as well.

Now I just need to decide what to do with the other 2 pairs. I think I'll take the flare off one pair - leaving them as long pants for cold weather. The 3rd pair just might have to be another pair of carpri's :)


Get your craft on Thurs.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The blinds in my sons room do not keep out the light at all! The first week in our apartment he was waking up when the sun rose! Much too early for my liking. I decided to make or buy some curtains that were thick enough to keep the light out.

I found a great deal at Ross (Dress for Less) for some brown full length window curtains. They were $8 for 2 panels. I don't think I could have purchased fabric for that price.

I cut the curtains the length I needed and hemmed the bottom. I then used the extra fabric for a second layer to really block the light (since only one layer wasn't enough to block out enough light).

The trick was this: I turned the extra fabric on the side (i.e. the new top and bottom to the liner curtain used to be the side hem before the curtain was chopped off) and threaded string through. The curtain rod I had didn't leave space for another curtain rod behind it so I rigged up a string system - fancy I know. I attached the string to each end of the curtain rods and then loped it around a nail hammered in the middle of the window.

I realize this isn't the most beautiful system, but it works great. We'll be moving in a year and I don't know what our new windows will look like. Until then, I have a beautifully finished curtain and a great liner for blocking out more light!!

p.s. I left a little bit of light peak out of the bottom so my son wasn't in total darkness :) His curtains are now done and he's sleeping in until 7:30-8am! Perfect!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


My spring shirt was featured on The Train To Crazy ! What a surprise. The Train To Crazy is a fun blog that features items people make to wear - clothing and such.

I've love this shirt and have received many comments on it (thanks everyone). It's even made the trek to Europe with me :) - pictured above.