Thursday, February 23, 2012

Armoire project

I finally found an armoire on craigslist that would fit perfectly in my sewing room. I'm excited to sand it down (or strip the paint) and put a new coat of paint on this baby!

There is no glass on the doors and so I've been browsing pinterest to get some ideas. I might use chicken wire to cover the doors and paint something beautiful in the back. Or I might use wainscoting to add texture and closure.

New hardware is needed and I would LOVE my husband to help me with adding some nice wood trip to the top. After he did our fireplace I'm sure he could do it :) I'll have to see if he's on board with my plan.

I just need to figure out a color for this and my sewing table. Paint color for the whole room might also be in the plans . . . oh man, this might be a lot of work.

Here's to a fun project ahead. I hope to get it done sooner and later. I have all kinds of things that need a home (i.e. need to de-clutter my sewing room).

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Charlie Brown Framed

A few months ago my mother in-law sent my son a paper Charlie Brown. He loved it! He wanted to carry it around everywhere. I however didn't want him to ruin it. I loved it and loved seeing how much he enjoyed having Charlie around. I decided I would try and find a frame and put it in his room.

I know this isn't a sewing project, but I thought I'd share anyway :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ABC Wall

I've been busy on Pinterest getting ideas for decorating my home. There have been lots of great ideas. The key is getting my husband to agree with me on style/colors/etc. The boys rooms are a little more up to me than, let's say the living room and kitchen.

One of my favorite findings for a child's room was an alphabet wall. I found a variety of wooden letter at Jo Ann Fabric and painted them with craft paint.

After we painted the light green walls brown we wanted to do something fun for the wall decor. I think this was a great colorful addition. My son loves to look at the letters.

I probably should change the color of the "z" to yellow or bright blue. It's a little dark on the lower right corner. I can easily fix that though. I could also add some polka dots or stripes to some random letters to spice things up a little more. I'm content with the finished product right now though.

This is the room I made curtains for during the summer. You can see the post HERE . You can kind of see the pale green walls. I have since changed out the curtain rods.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Yoga Mat Bags

Are you getting ready for spring? Ready to feel some warm sunshine? I've added a few more yoga mat bags to Etsy Shop . The colors are bright and have me thinking of spring and summer. I love doing yoga in a warm studio or the sunlight coming in my living room window.
Round bottom for a great fit to the mat.
Two straps that tighten the bag when pulled.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fireplace makeover

Things have been a little crazy on this side of things for the past 6 months! We moved across the country just over 7 months ago and we're still trying to get settled. Life just doesn't slow down. I thought I'd share what we've been up to. Last week we did some updating to our living room.

Fireplace before: Old painted white brick with old wood mantle. There was a large mirror attached to the wall screaming 80's!

Fireplace After: We painted our whole room green with satin white trim/molding throughout. The fireplace is also brand new, thanks to my husband. We painted the little bit of brick still showing black to help it blend into the fireplace cover. I absolutely love it! It looks completely new and changes the feel of the room drastically - at least to me.