Friday, March 12, 2010

Small Travel Baby Blanket

My mother in-law made Little B a baby blanket when he was born. I love the fabric choice and the soft minkee on the back. Because there were left over scraps, she left them with me. I decided to make him a smaller blanket for travel and easy carrying. I realize some kids are tied to their blankets and the full blanket can be a big load to take for running errands.

I used the same fabric for the front and then backed it with the minkee - even used the same bias tape. This blanket size is perfect for little B to hold and walk around with.

Here's the original quilt.
Kaleidoscope pattern with bears.

Even though we would snuggle with the big blanket, B liked to hold the smaller one while we read stories. He's now at the age where he's not as interested. I think kids either get attached to a toy or a blanket or they don't. B was one who really didn't. I just had the little one ready in case he did.

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Ally said...

Is it bears because of Alaska? Very cute, I'm glad we only have a small blanket at our house.