Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baby or Toddler Mittens

My 1 year old son needed something for his hands this winter. Knowing the thumb hole in gloves are useless at his age, I constructed some thumb-less "mittens" to keep his hands warm this winter. I folded over some fleece (I conveniently had in my closet) and rounded the tops. I made sure the length was long enough to go up his wrist/arms so they wouldn't fall off as easily.

Here's a look at the inside and outside. I would have used my surger but it was in my sleeping sons room at the time. I made a stitch and then zig-zagged the edges. I probably didn't need to zig-zag it, because fleece doesn't fray.

Works like a charm!

For added protection and warmth, I've put my ankle socks over the tops of these mittens. That way the socks get wet leaving the inside mittens mostly dry (I do have to brush the snow off right away to keep it from melting to the inside).



edeenut said...

Did you add elastic to the wrists?
I like the idea of the thumbless kind, keeping the fingers all together for more warmth.

Heather said...

I didn't add elastic, but that would have been a good idea. They usually stay up just fine if I put them over his coat.