Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oh the Frustration!

I've been working on more lunch bags to put in my Etsy shop. Isn't this one cute? It's my favorite fabric of the ones I've made so far. I was really excited to work on and finish this one.

As I was looking over the whole bag to make sure everything was perfect, I noticed "it". It being a small slit/hole in the waterproof lining! AHH! All that time and precision for nothing. There was nothing I would have done to create that hole in the process of sewing and then I remembered back to when I purchased the fabric . . . (story below the pictures).
I looked and saw something. Looking a little closer there's no way I would miss it.

A small whole that might as well have been a GIANT hole.

I purchased just under a yard of my waterproof nylon lining at Jo Ann fabric. When I got home I put it on my counter top to cut the pattern out. I noticed small little cuts/slits throughout the fabric. I was very un-pleased and decided to take the fabric back the next day (since it was too late that night - Sad, what a wasted project night). I didn't want to pay for a big chunk of fabric when I had to cut around holes and not get my money's worth.

I took the fabric back and re-bought it as a remnant. Everything under 1 yard at Jo Ann's is made into a remnant and sold at 50% off the original price. I knew this because I used to work there years ago! After the return, I told them I would buy the piece as a remnant and explained I didn't want to pay full price for a piece of fabric that would be wasted in most spots. They helped me re-purchase the fabric (that's was another huge fiasco I won't get into here).

With my newly purchased remnant, I took the fabric home and began to salvage what I could out of the fabric. Apparently, I didn't look close enough when I cut out the pieces for my adorable orange bag :( I overlooked one small slit and now my bag won't be listed on Etsy.

My husband has some silicone waterproofing glue he uses to fix tears or rips in his backpacking tents. He says it dried clear and I can close off the hole in my bag. I believe I will seal it off this evening when he gets home :)

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