Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pack n' Play sheet

The plastic mattress pad in a pack n' play shouldn't be slept on - at least in my opinion. I usually bring along a twin sheet or a large baby blanket to put over the mattress. I won't lie, it's a pain and with a child who doesn't stay put in the night it usually comes up. I finally decided to simply make a pack n' play sheet! That way my son would have a sheets the whole night with out getting tangled in them.

I simply measured both sides of the pad.

I used an old twin sheet and used those same measurements. It was 23 by 35. I made sure to use the finished end of the sheet for the top (see below). That way I would already have a finished edge to sew the snaps on.

I simply sewed up the three sides - leaving the already finished end at the top. Serging makes the ends much more finished.

Simply slide the sheet onto the mattress to make sure it fits. If it's a little too loose somewhere just take in that side to make it fit nice and snug.
The opened end needs to have snaps sewn onto it. I haven't quite gotten around to this yet. . . It's my project while watching "my show" tonight.

Doesn't it look so much more comfy?


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edeenut said...

So what is your show? Mine is Survivor.