Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Zippered Boy Pouch

While I was on my pouch kick I thought I'd make one for my son. He loves to put his toys and anything else he can find into containers. I figured he would love this little treasure holder.

I used an old zipper I took off of something else - so there are little loose threads sticking out here and there. I tried to get as many as I could off. Back and front look the same. No variation here.
Yes, indeed he does put things inside.
I started taking out some receipts and papers that were on my desk and though I spotted something at the bottom of the bag. . .

Indeed I did. $30! I guess it's a good idea to check what he's putting into his containers every now and then AND to make sure what I leave laying around.
With even further examination I spotted $.26 Not quite as much but I just have to laugh at what this kid finds.

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edeenut said...

That is SO funny, he stashed your money in there.

Jamie said...

I decided I need to buy some lil snack bags from you. To be honest if I tried to make them it would take me forever and wouldn't turn out nearly as cute and it would be cheaper than buying plastic bags all the time. Could I ask you to make me some? I know you are moving soon so not sure if you have time or not. Maybe I should just check your etsy site and see if you are already selling some there, duhh! Anyways let me know, thanks! Your sewing always amazes me and I wish I could whip out things like you do so fast and even half as cute (I made some baby stuff, just don't inspect it).