Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Giveaway - May 23rd!

Sew Mama Sew is doing another giveaway week. I think I'm going to participate this time.

It was about a year ago when they did this before. My life was much to crazy at the time and so I didn't host a giveaway on this blog. I did however stop by many blogs to see what they were all about. I added many of them to my google reader! It's always fun to see what people are making.

SO. . . if you are interested in anything I've made here on my blog, you should head back this way on May 23rd (well anytime that week really). I haven't quite decided what to giveaway yet but I'll take suggestions. Otherwise I'll be thinking. . . perhaps I'll have to make something entirely new - something I haven't made before?


Dena said...

Sounds fun Heather! I'll definitely be stopping by :)

Anonymous said...

I am also doing the give-away! We should enter each other's for fun.

Bird and Bicycle

(Found you through our pretty little pouch swap on flickr.)

edeenut said...

can't wait. I'll have to check back then.