Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Headphone Helper

Recently we purchased some DVD players for our car. We bought a set of headphones for my son so he could listen to the movies (and we didn't have to). The headphones were too larger for my son even at their smallest setting. My husband asked if I could sew something that could go around them to keep them up on his ears - rather than sliding down below his ears. Sure! I said and quickly made what you see below.

The fabric choice wasn't my husbands favorite. I literally used the first piece of fabric I found since it wasn't going to be an attractive pad anyway. He thought I should have used black, which I guess is probably true.

I made a padded rectangle with velcro on both ends for fastening around the top of the head phones.

They work wonderfully in the car and at home. My son likes to use my husbands iPod for playing games and listening to music. He likes the novelty of headphones. Now they fit perfectly!

(I know this isn't "clothes" but it's still something for my son that I wiped up really fast. He's "wearing" it so I feel like it counts. )


Logan said...

I have to add my amazing wife made this the day of a 4-hr road trip to Seattle, at my request, and it works perfectly as intended. Helps us locate the headphones when they're on the floor of our black-carpeted car, but I think the bright color kinda looks like a bow/headband on his head. He could care less.

edeenut said...

I love it! I thought it was just a bean bag at first look, ahahaa, but the velcro is a great idea and it's much softer than the hard headphones.