Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rice pack (Heat Pack)

I can't take any credit for making this. I just wanted to share!

- - Rice Pack - -

Have you ever had a sore back and needed some relief? Perhaps your shoulders and neck are in need of some comfort? Just put the pack in the microwave for a few minutes (checking often to see when it's ready - microwave power varies) and place on body. The soft towel and loose rice provides a nice contouring fit.

My older sister made this for me for Christmas. It's been a great gift that keeps on giving!

The rice (you can also use beans or corn) is sewn inside a liner - kind of like a big bean bag. The towel is kind of like a pillow case on top of the bean bag. One edge of the towel has a big hidden baste stitch. This allows you to take the cover off and wash it. Once clean, you can put the cover back on ans baste stitch it back up!

I currently have an injured muscle/tendon that needs heat before I work it. I place the heat on my body for a few minutes and then I'm able to do the stretches and foam rolling I need. I am unable to run to warm these muscles up and so the rice pack is perfect! Once I'm finished I'm sure to ICE :)


Ally Mack said...

That same wonderful sister made me one for my back. I love it!

edeenut said...

I have an older sister who made me one of these, but I need to make a little "pillow case" for it.
I use it in the winter for my feet in bed :)