Monday, July 13, 2009

Fabric Coasters

Pick your Fabric:

I chose a cotton broadcloth for the outside and a white knit for the inside (lining). Quilt batting will also work. Be sure to have scissors and a seam gauge (measuring tape) handy for measuring the squares.

Because I chose a cotton broadcloth, I was able to rip the fabric to create perfect 5"X5" squares. The knit fabric wasn't as easy. I had to measure the fabric and cut each one. Whatever size you decide to do cut out 2 squares for each coaster. Depending on your lining you may want one or two squares of fabric. I did 2 squares of knit for each coaster.

Once the squares are cut you are ready to sew. Make sure the right sides are together. Then place your lining on top.

Stitch around the edge of the squares leaving a 1.5" opening.

When all the coasters are ready turn the squares inside out. Hint: It helps to trim the corners before you turn them inside out. Be careful not to cut too close to your seam. This will help create a crisper point to your finished square.

Once the squares are turned right side out, sew the opening closed by turning the raw edges inside. Continue your stitch all the way around the coaters creating a top stitch.

(continued top stitch around the square)

Coasters are complete.

Add top stitching to coaster to keep fabric together. Any design will work. I chose to make a simple square inside mine.

Coasters are ready to be placed in a convenient spot for protecting furniture and counters from wet messes.


I got the idea for this project Here.
Mine are much more plain and simple.

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edeenut said...

I like these. I am a fan of cute coasters and wish we had a place to sit our drinks in the family room to protect just so I could make some coasters :)