Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Juice Lid Toys

When my sisters kids were young, she made them this toy. They loved playing with the lids and hearing them make noises when they hit into one another. My son, "B", also loves to play with the lids.

I was recently at a church party where there was mass quantities of orange juice to be made. I instantly thought of this toy! What a great way to get lids rather than save them up until we've consumed enough juice to amount to anything. I washed off the lids and took them home with me!!

Next I needed some sort of container for them to be stored in and a place for them to be shook around in! I grabbed the Yogurt container that we just finished!

I then cut a slit into the top so he will be able to put them inside (that is when he gets a little older).

A fun idea that "B" really enjoys is the stickers I put on the lids. He's at the age now where he picks at them wondering what they are. Soon enough he'll start to know what colors and numbers are.

He also enjoys the pictures of animals!!

They sure get scattered around our home!


edeenut said...

I love this idea. I do remember seeing it years ago. I will have to start collecting the lids.

jamestownboys said...

OH MY GOSH - SO WHEN DID YOU START A BLOG. WHere have I been!!!!!!!!!!
I love this toy idea. Thank you!!!!
I think Sierra would take the stickers off and eat them but it's worth a try :)

Heather said...

Luckily these stickers don't come off that easy. Perhaps they will over time?? They're holding up so far even with B picking on them.