Thursday, July 29, 2010

Taking in Wide Legged Pants - Gaucho's

I have a pair of gaucho's that I used to dance in during my undergrad. I love the cotton fabric and cute waist at the top - but I don't love the huge legs that look like a skirt!
I decided that if I'm going to enjoy wearing them again I need to do something about the extra wide leg!

(Sorry this picture is VERY yellow)

I turned my pants inside out and pinned a new seam line. After I pinned them, I tried them on for fit - checking to see if I would actually accomplish my goal of taking the leg in enough.
Once the pins were in the perfect spot, I did a basting zig-zag stitch (because it is knit fabric I wanted the stitch to give a bit. A straight stitch doesn't allow for give).

Once the basting was done and I knew the pants were how I wanted them, I surged over the zig-zag stitch. Perfect!

make it wear it

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