Tuesday, July 6, 2010


The blinds in my sons room do not keep out the light at all! The first week in our apartment he was waking up when the sun rose! Much too early for my liking. I decided to make or buy some curtains that were thick enough to keep the light out.

I found a great deal at Ross (Dress for Less) for some brown full length window curtains. They were $8 for 2 panels. I don't think I could have purchased fabric for that price.

I cut the curtains the length I needed and hemmed the bottom. I then used the extra fabric for a second layer to really block the light (since only one layer wasn't enough to block out enough light).

The trick was this: I turned the extra fabric on the side (i.e. the new top and bottom to the liner curtain used to be the side hem before the curtain was chopped off) and threaded string through. The curtain rod I had didn't leave space for another curtain rod behind it so I rigged up a string system - fancy I know. I attached the string to each end of the curtain rods and then loped it around a nail hammered in the middle of the window.

I realize this isn't the most beautiful system, but it works great. We'll be moving in a year and I don't know what our new windows will look like. Until then, I have a beautifully finished curtain and a great liner for blocking out more light!!

p.s. I left a little bit of light peak out of the bottom so my son wasn't in total darkness :) His curtains are now done and he's sleeping in until 7:30-8am! Perfect!



Linda@Coastal Charm said...

All sweet little ones need their sleep...your idea is great! Thanks for coming to my NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS PARTY!


Ally said...

I have curtains this same color, and it's nice since the sun rises on the side of house my son sleeps. Great idea!

Kim said...

You got a really good deal on the drapery panels. I'd love it if you would link with Fabric Fun Thursday :).

edeenut said...

I have white curtains in my youngest's room, keep debating if I should add black out but I keep deciding no... maybe one of these days.