Thursday, July 8, 2010

Long work out pants into Capri's

I grew up dancing and continue dancing to this day. Over the years I have accumulated a lot of dance clothes. Some of which are still in style, some of them are not. There were 2 years in high school we got the same long black stretchy boot-cut/flare "jazz" pants to dance and perform in. I have 3 pairs! I decided to change them a bit since I'm not a huge fan of the flare "jazz" pant anymore.
I serged the bottom off about a foot to make them capri's! I also had to adjust the inside seam of the legs - they were a bit wider than I wanted with a weird flare starting past the knee.
I love my new pair of work out capri's. They've already been on some good morning runs outside and will be great for aerobics as well.

Now I just need to decide what to do with the other 2 pairs. I think I'll take the flare off one pair - leaving them as long pants for cold weather. The 3rd pair just might have to be another pair of carpri's :)


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Andrea said...

Why is it that capris just seem so much more comfortable to work out in than long pants? Love the change.