Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wet Bags

Before I moved across the country, I had made a few wet bags to add to my Etsy Shop . I haven't had time to list them until now. My friend also asked me if I would make some for her and her new baby. It was a perfect reason to get my sewing room up and running sooner than later. I always love a reason to sew!

I have never been one to use cloth diapers for my boys, but I know many people do. These cute little bags provide a place to put the dirty diapers until they can be washed. Diaper bag or nursery, they fit right in.

I use these bags for swimming! I've been a swimmer all my life and transporting a wet suit home isn't always convenient. I've used many plastic bags and got many car seats wet. These bags have saved other things from getting wet and are a lot cuter than a plastic bag.

This is a smaller wet bag I made for my friend's diaper bag. I used Amy Butler Midwest Modern II collection - Garden Maze Sky fabric.

Below are images of the larger wet bag I made for my friends babies room. This bag will hold the bulk of the diapers. I wanted to make sure she could hang it where she wanted to I sewed in two snap closure handles on the top. I also added an invisible zipper for a nice finish.

Two snap handles

I'll be adding more bags to my Etsy Shop this week.

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