Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Finally arrived!!

We have been in our new place a week and a half now. Time flies!

We're getting unpacked and settled in nicely. Not to mention our only full bathroom has been ripped apart to be remodeled (by my wonderful husband). Because of redoing our bathroom, life has been a little more complicated. I have to keep our two little boys busy while my husband works.

My husband had a week and a half before he really started work, so we figured this was the best time to get it done. I'm excited and ready for it to be finished.

On a happier note my sewing room (yes!! I have my own sewing room now) is in the process of being unpacked and I'll be up and sewing in no time. I have a few projects that need to be done in a few weeks and so I'm going to be jumping right back into things.

My sewing room is our fully finished sun room. There are windows encircling the room. I need to get some drapes going pronto! I would love to sew them, but I might just buy some to get them in sooner (and honestly sometimes buying fabric and sewing costs more than finding a good sale somewhere).

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