Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Side Door Curtians

Our new house has SO many windows. It really has been a big - expensive - project to cover them or recover them. The curtains when we moved here were a bit outdated (i.e. lace gathering or screaming orange plaid). I described them to my sister as "church" curtains. They really are nice curtains quality wise, but they aren't modern or attractive.

We don't have air conditioning in our house and so at the end of the day when the sun comes in the west side of our house, things start to heat up. I purchased some blackout curtain fabric from Jo Ann Fabric. I started with the side door (below).

Before - Bad lighting, but this is our side door before I switched out the curtains. The heat at the end of the day would pass right through the glass. Also our neighbors could see right in at night if the light was on. Privacy and light coverage is what we have now!

After - Much better! That blackout fabric really does what it says it will. I was impressed. I have 11.5 more yards to help some other windows with heat and privacy. I'm planning on adding two strings/ties in from each end to tie the curtain up and make it more attractive in the winter months when the heat will be wanted. For now I just needed the window to be covered.

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Sheena C. said...

"Church curtains" is a fantastic description phrase. I'm glad that you got rid of them. I love church and all, but that doesn't mean I want church decor at home.