Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why I love - New fabric post. . .

Finally! My order has arrived!! I was so happy when the UPS guy knocked on my door yesterday and delivered 5 cuts of fabric.
The top 2 cuts are fun Amy Butler cotton print. I have yet to determin what they will be used for.

The other cuts of fabric I'm planning on making Amy Butlers, Birdie Sling Bag . You may remember this post from ages ago. I still use the bag I made every week. However, I am ready for new fabric and second bag. I figured I'd try the original pattern since my friend let me borrow hers.
The second and third from the bottom are what I'm going to make the bag with. "What's the bottom black fabric," you might ask. Well I'll tell you.

I originally ordered this fabric to be the straps and top border. What I got in the mail was the black and white damask type fabric. Nope, it doesn't really match or go with the other two choices I picked.

I called's customer service and told them what I ordered (after going online to check that I did indeed order the correct fabric) and what I received in the mail. She looked up my order and saw that indeed they shipped me the wrong fabric. She said they would send my fabric the next day with no shipping cost to me AND she said to keep the 1.5 yards of black and white fabric for a future project or I could donate it to someone if I didn't want it.

Free Fabric! I can't argue with that. I really do love the black and white they sent, it just didn't go with my original fabric choices. Now I'm going to look for another fun bag pattern (or better yet make one of my own) to use the fabric. It totally made my day. What a great company that has great customer service!!

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