Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birdie Sling Bag - Amy Butler

Remember THIS post? I finally got around to taking some pictures of the finished project.

You can slightly see the inside fabric. It's the same as the outer fabric of the bag I made for myself.I decided to make two bags since I had extra fabric. (You can only order fabric in increments of half a yard on Fabric.com.) One for me and one for my sister who is having a baby in another 2 weeks!! The top bag is for my sister and the lower bag is for myself.

I used the outer fabric of my sisters bag for the handles on mine. The inside is the same as the handles. I decided not to use the zig-zag stripes on my bag.

It was fun to make two different versions of this bag with putting different fabric in both places. I'm happy with how they both turned out.

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Susanne said...

I love this bag!!! I really need to get this pattern!