Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Toddler Flannel Pajamas

I recently made two pairs of flannel pajamas. I used THIS pattern. Because it was made for stretch knits, I had to change the top a bit. I thought about just making the head opening larger, but then I realized a toddlers head is much larger than their shoulders - proportionally. The opening would have had to be too large. I decided to line the neck and front opening (I added) and make buttons in the front. It was pretty easy and I think they look great!
The bottoms are simple pajama pants - just like adults! So easy and so comfy to wear.

My son trying them on. He loved the "birds" on the fabric.

A second pair.

My son called these the "music" ones. I guess he knows what a music note is. It's funny the things kids catch on to and remember.

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edeenut said...

I love them! and good job on the changes by adding the neck facing.

Lisa @ greylustergirl said...

I may have to go pick up that pattern! My youngest is addicted to all things soft and those look sooo cuddly!

jamestownboys said...

Look at you sewing so much. I'm so jealous.