Monday, December 13, 2010

Little Boys Tie

A few months ago I made this tie for my son using THIS pattern from The Pearl Bee's blog. It was amazingly simple and looks just like a "Daddy" tie.

There are simple directions about each step on her tutorial. All of it is done by hand (so for those of you without a sewing machine yeah!!!). I found it took me a lot longer to hand sew it than I had planned on. Oh well, that's what a good movie is for right?


Chris said...

Wow, your tie looks fabulous. I'll have to check out the tutorial. I guess that means I'd have to learn how to tie it, huh.

edeenut said...

Haahaa, I just made Christmas ties for my boys using this pattern. I've had the pattern saved for a while now and just now getting to it. Did you make your tie out of a silky fabric? I didn't so I need to go back and make a few adjustments to the pattern before I use it again. Which I do plan to use again.