Monday, December 6, 2010

Family Christmas Stockings

Growing up my family all had specialized Christmas stockings. They were little felt people to look like each of us. Mine had long yellow yarn hair in two pigtails. "I" was holding a candy cane and wearing a beautiful Christmas dress. I was heart broken to learn mine was thrown away along with 2 other siblings after a few large moves (house to house). I'm sad to know my original childhood stocking is gone.

I wanted to make some stockings for my own small family to have over the years. I made 2 of the stockings above for my husband and I (Daddy and Mommy).

Then I made 3 stockings (below) for my 2 year old son, baby due in March, and an extra (ya never know. . .) since I was making so many.
I chose to back the stockings for the parents and children in different fabric. I used warm and natural batting between muslin and the outside Christmas cotton print. My husband was with me at the store and he chose the soft white fabric for the tops.

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edeenut said...

I love them. It's so fun to see the stockings you've made every year when you get to put them up.
I still have my blond hair stocking from youth, so sad yours got thrown away. Dad...