Thursday, November 4, 2010

Where's Waldo Costume

My husband and I were "Where's Waldo and Wenda" for Halloween a few years ago. This year we recycled his costume and used it again!! My pregnant belly couldn't fit into mine.

How I made Waldo:

Shirt: I looked everywhere to find a red and white striped long sleeve shirt with one inch stripes. No luck. I finally decided to make my own. I bought two red long sleeve shirts at Goodwill. I then bought some knit white fabric and sewed my own stripes on the (inside out to hide the writing) red shirts. Make sure to use a small zig-zag stitch to allow your fabric to stretch when putting it on. Otherwise it will be a tight fit!

Glasses: Dollar store. I took out the glass that came with a pair of cheap reading glasses.

Pants: Nice Goodwill find if I don't say so myself.

Hat: Not the best hat in the world, but it did the job. White knit fabric with a red stripe sewn on the edge. There is also a red pom-pom on the top (can't tell in picture). I spent so much time on the shirt I didn't have much gusto left for the hat.

Cane: Not pictured and none was used. Thrift store or PVC pipe??

Shoes: Waldo's shoes are really brown, but my husband wore black.

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