Monday, November 8, 2010

Toddler Pajamas

Winter is upon us and my son is growing out of all his pajamas. He's at a funny size right now. He's 2 years old but still wearing some 12 month and 18 month Carter's pajamas. 24 month is TOO large for him. He does have a favorite pair of pajamas (when we let him open the drawer and choose) from Costco with a top and bottom like these. I used them as a pattern and make him these! He now loves these just as much as the Costco pair :)
Simple knit. Blue with firetrucks and hydrants printed on. I used red ribbing for the legs, arms, and neck.
These were super easy. I used my serger for most of the sewing. My sewing machine was used for top stitching around the elastic and the shirts hem.
I debated about wrapping these up for Christmas or letting him wear them now. He needed them now and what little boy gets excited about clothes like women do? He wrote them last night :)

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April said...

Aww! These are so cute! Great job.