Monday, June 21, 2010

Matching Summer Salad Bowls

My husband and I eat salads multiple times a week for dinner in the summer. Spinach, chipotle chicken, Caesar, pasta and taco to name a few. Plates are great but don't always cut it when it comes to salad.

At the university they have an open ceramics night. So for date night my husband and I made some salad bowls! His is larger than mine. First off it's easier to throw a smaller bowl and second I enjoy a smaller portion of food than he does. So the size difference works perfectly for us.

I have forgotten what the glaze was but it turned out great on both bowls. They definitely look like they came in pairs.

Pears . . . hum, and idea for a new salad?

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Life as Lori

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Diane said...

Love your matching bowls and how sweet that you made them together.