Monday, June 21, 2010

Circus Birthday Party

My nephew turned 2 last month. My sister put on an awesome circus birthday party for him. She spent a lot of time organizing and planning. Her time was well spent. The kids loved it. I was able to capture a few candid shots of his party.

Photo Booth: Each person/family stood below the circus sign for a picture. This is a great way to remember who attended the party.

Birthday Cake: Of course every birthday comes with one (unless you're a pie type of person). A circus elephant with circus peanuts was a hit!
Clown face and balloon topped cupcakes were perfect for kids.

Party Favors: Animal crackers, bubbles, kazoos, bouncy balls, cotton candy, and circus peanuts fit the atmosphere perfectly! A ticket was sent out with each party invitation letting them know they could bring it to "redeem" a prize. Great idea!

Bean Bag Toss: (not pictured) a lion face with the mouth cut out provided an open hole for kids to toss bean bags inside. The kids loved it almost as much as the adults.

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