Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Banner

This Banner can be used for years and years! Male or Female. It's an extra way to make your loved ones feel recognized and acknowledged on their special day.

To begin cut 16 triangles out of your choice of fabric. 5-6" wide by 8" long. I used different patterns with no rhyme or reason. Fabric can be totally random or there can be a pattern. You can also keep them all the same color if you wanted - anything goes. Just make sure you have 18.

Then, cut 18 triangles the same size for the backing. I used orange. 36 triangles total!

NOTE: I apologizing for not having pictures for this section. Each purchase of wonder under comes with directions. Refer to them as well.

Trace your letters onto wonder under. You can use stencils or make your own font/letters on paper. Making sure your letters are backwards (mirror image) when you are looking at the iron on side. The sticky side you peal off should be the correct way to read the letter. Cut the letters out loosely (they do not need to be perfect at this point).

Peal off the sticky side of the wonder under and place on the fabric you will use for the letters. Iron in place for about 6-10 seconds. Once they are fused, cut along the letter lines exactly.

Now you are ready to put the letters onto your patterned triangles. Peal off the wonder under, place the letter on triangle and press/iron into place.

Sew around each letter. Make the stitch length very narrow with a zigzag stitch. Don't forget the inside of your letters ;) You can also hand stitch a wide baste for a different look.

Once your letters are ironed on your fabric and the stitching is complete, match each letter with a colored back. Stitch the two triangles together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Once the stitching is complete cut the seam allowance with pinking shears. This will give your edges a simple finished look.

Take each completed letter triangle and arrange them in order of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" leaving a plain colored triangle at the beginning, end, and in between the two words.

Pin the letters inside the bias tape and sew in place.

I did not make my own bias tape for this project, but you sure can! It might be fun to add another fun fabric to the mix. For time's sake I purchased 2 pre-made 3 yard bias tape packages from Jo Ann Fabric. One package is enough to go across the letters, but you want to make sure you have extra for the ties at the end. Make sure it is extra wide! This will allow you to utilize the 3 folds already ironed in

Sew closed the extra bias tape ends and stitch along bottom for closure.

Banner folded in half

Make sure to leave room on each side for hanging the banner up! Enjoy! I hope this adds to many Happy Birthday's to come.

Idea from my lovely sisters. We started making these at a recent "Sister's Get Together".

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edeenut said...

Did you make a new one? I need to finish the one I have by this month.