Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bam Bam Flintstone - Halloween costume

Bam Bam Flintstones Costume! This year the whole family is going as the Flintstones.

Simple elastic waistband skirt with cut hem.

Measure the correct amount of fabric to go around his chest from the waist. connected in the same spot front and back of waist band. No need to hem or finish the ends :)

I won't be making that hat because it won't stay on my boys head (love to take things off!). I have yet to decide what the club will be made of. My husband thinks paper mache - not sure I have the time. He might have to use a wooden kitchen spoon!

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HeatherEve said...

Cute! how about just doing a 2-dimensional club out of foam core? Cut it out, paint or color wood, draw on the cartoony grain lines. Quick, easy, and wouldn't hurt to get "bammed!" with :)