Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back in Business

I've been gone for the last 4 weeks traveling and visiting family while my husband was working away from home. It was an amazing trip! We loved every minute of it and felt like home away from home!

I have so many projects that are building up. Many are started and none are finished. My goal is to get some of them done before the holiday months . . . !

First on the list in our Halloween costumes! Dad, Mom, and Baby. This will be my next post. After that, on to other fun projects.


p said...

Sorry but I'm a little lost as to what you're doing in steps 3 and 4?

It looks like you took in the original hem a tad so it wouldn't bulk up on the sides when you fold it back up for the last sewing step. Correct?

Also, it looks like you sew the final hem twice. Once to attach it to the jeans (about an 1/8th or less about where yellow thread will go) and then again to finish it off with the yellow thread with everything tucked.

I guess I'm confused as to how you keep the finished hem from looking all bulky in the end either because there are 2 extra layers of jean in there right? I guess it will bulk up anyway a tad.

Heather said...

Yes, I sewed the final hem two times. Once to attach and once to top stitch. It is a bit bulky, but you can cut away some of the seam allowance if needed. I did also take in the side seams of the hem to allow it to fit the width of the new desired length location. If you look in the archives, there are two methods I do to hem jeans with the original hem. I like the look of this one (the hem you are referring to). I hope this helped answer some of your questions.