Monday, March 5, 2012

For the Ears

I've been plenty busy lately with projects around the house. Lots of painting! It's been fun to move into an older home needing some updates and decorating, but it's also time consuming. Not to mention keeping up with everyday life and caring for two small boys!

Here's my latest project:

I've had the frame for a while with the intent to create this earring holder. I just needed to buy the plastic craft netting (don't really know the official name for it) to complete the project. Now it's done!

I need to figure out a nice way to display it while still being functional. It's fallen behind my dresser once already :( Luckily none of the earrings fell off! Before this was made I was using an Altoids container. My collection of earrings was outgrowing the small container and it wasn't staying closed anymore. Thus, I needed something new.

1 comment:

Dena said...

Such a cute idea! I am currently in the altoids state of earring containers. Maybe I'll make one of these for all of mine.