Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fireplace makeover

Things have been a little crazy on this side of things for the past 6 months! We moved across the country just over 7 months ago and we're still trying to get settled. Life just doesn't slow down. I thought I'd share what we've been up to. Last week we did some updating to our living room.

Fireplace before: Old painted white brick with old wood mantle. There was a large mirror attached to the wall screaming 80's!

Fireplace After: We painted our whole room green with satin white trim/molding throughout. The fireplace is also brand new, thanks to my husband. We painted the little bit of brick still showing black to help it blend into the fireplace cover. I absolutely love it! It looks completely new and changes the feel of the room drastically - at least to me.

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edeenut said...

I sure love that. I want a new fireplace, or just get rid of ours, I would love to dry wall over ours and have a nice wall.