Thursday, February 23, 2012

Armoire project

I finally found an armoire on craigslist that would fit perfectly in my sewing room. I'm excited to sand it down (or strip the paint) and put a new coat of paint on this baby!

There is no glass on the doors and so I've been browsing pinterest to get some ideas. I might use chicken wire to cover the doors and paint something beautiful in the back. Or I might use wainscoting to add texture and closure.

New hardware is needed and I would LOVE my husband to help me with adding some nice wood trip to the top. After he did our fireplace I'm sure he could do it :) I'll have to see if he's on board with my plan.

I just need to figure out a color for this and my sewing table. Paint color for the whole room might also be in the plans . . . oh man, this might be a lot of work.

Here's to a fun project ahead. I hope to get it done sooner and later. I have all kinds of things that need a home (i.e. need to de-clutter my sewing room).

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Pam said...

You could also make a fabric curtain for the doors. Might be fun to change it out whenever you find cute fabric you like.