Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sewing Machine Tip

(An online picture of my exact machine)

Clean and Oil your machine often.

Today I heard a little squeak in my sewing machine. I knew it needed to be oiled and cleaned out so, instead of sewing much further, I stopped and cleaned/oiled my machine.

This was not as easy as my above comment sounded. I have NEVER cleaned or oiled my machine. I've opened the bobbin space and dusted it out before, and even cleaned lint from area's that I could see, but I had never actually used a screw driver to take apart my machine for intense cleaning.

I found my manual and followed the instructions on how to open the machine. There were only directions for the oiling the bobbin and not the main compartment of the machine. Luckily there were some obvious holes for oil on the top half. The other places I made an educated guess. I oiled parts that moved connecting to other parts.

There was also a lot of packed lint under the feed dog. Wow. I thought my earlier cleanings did something - I guess not. After oiling and cleaning I closed up the machine.

Now my machine has been though a lot. By a lot I mean it started out as my Mom's machine and each of my 7 sisters and I sewed and learned to sew on this machine. It's had many miles of thread put through it. It's old and been around for decades! I have a Bernina 802. I love it! I don't know how often my Mom oiled and cleaned it, but I know I have never done it since I've owned it - and that's been close to 9 or 10 years.

Already I can tell a diference. The small squeak is gone and I can tell my machine glides much smoother.

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