Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TuTu for infants and toddlers - homemade

This Christmas I did a Secret Santa with a photo group I'm part of. The person who I got wanted some photo props. She included a "tutu" in her wish list. I looked and looked for a tutu to buy, but wasn't really impressed with any I saw. I don't like the kind where you tie on tulle around the elastic. They aren't as full to me. Growing up dancing I wanted a dance tutu! I decided I would have to make it myself to get what I wanted and not pay a fortune.

This is my SON - ha - wearing the tutu. I should have taken off his pj's so you can see it better. Whoops. He is a small 14 month old in this picture. The tutu is made to fit a one year old give or take a few months.

This tutu only has 6 layers of tulle. Each are individually gathered and sewn together to make a beautiful, full of body, tutu. I mixed dark pink and light pink (although it looks like white) to get a mix of colors. I added a satin waistband to hide the elastic.

While it was a pain to keep all the layers of tulle together while sewing, it was totally worth the outcome! I hope many wonderful photo's will come from the help of this tutu.

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