Monday, May 21, 2012

Step 2 - Curtains

The dresser is in place! Yes, minus the 4th nob.
I received my fabric in the mail I ordered for the curtains. I'm not 100% on the color. It looked more yellow online and now compared to the dresser it looks orange??
I placed the fabric over the windows to make sure it would be okay.

I went ahead and made the curtains anyway! I figured I didn't want the curtains to be the exact color as the dresser.  I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.
 I'm also working a bit with the de-cluttering. And look! The 4th nob is now on the dresser :)
The curtains are lined with blackout fabric. It's a must with a west facing window and long summer daylight hours.  Both of my boys have blackout behind their curtains. It keeps the light out in the morning and evening hours, when I want my boys to stay asleep or fall asleep. I find it also helps a bit with temperature control. An extra layer for the cold and thicker lining for the hot sun.

(these pictures all all taken with my phone - not the best quality)

Yellow Dresser - Step #1

Here is my youngest sons bedroom. The walls were light blue when we moved it. We painted the crown molding and baseboards white to add some detail to the solid blue. I've been working on a list of other things to change his room. Here are some of my priorities:

1 - the dresser had been brown for too long. It needs a change
2 - the curtains! neutral color, but so ten years ago (at least)
3 - floral chair slip cover needs to be replaced
3 - crib bedding? maybe switch it out
4 - de-clutter the room
  Step #1 - check!
Here's a picture of the dresser freshly painted. I took out all the nobs to add to the dresser and found I grabbed a mismatch. So until I return it and exchange it for the correct nob, I only have 3.
I love the yellow! It adds a nice pop of color to the blue walls. It's also pretty gender neutral.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I finished my armoire! You may remember THIS POST

I covered the open doors with cork board and painted them white. It also needed a hardware replacement.

My husband was the one who chose the paint :) I think it goes great with the yellow sewing table (partly pictured on the right).

Now I need to take down the grass paper in the room and paint! I've had the paint sitting the the basement for a few months now. I just need to find some time to get the grass paper off the walls :(

Once the walls are done and everything is finished I'll post a picture of the whole room!

Monday, March 5, 2012

For the Ears

I've been plenty busy lately with projects around the house. Lots of painting! It's been fun to move into an older home needing some updates and decorating, but it's also time consuming. Not to mention keeping up with everyday life and caring for two small boys!

Here's my latest project:

I've had the frame for a while with the intent to create this earring holder. I just needed to buy the plastic craft netting (don't really know the official name for it) to complete the project. Now it's done!

I need to figure out a nice way to display it while still being functional. It's fallen behind my dresser once already :( Luckily none of the earrings fell off! Before this was made I was using an Altoids container. My collection of earrings was outgrowing the small container and it wasn't staying closed anymore. Thus, I needed something new.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Armoire project

I finally found an armoire on craigslist that would fit perfectly in my sewing room. I'm excited to sand it down (or strip the paint) and put a new coat of paint on this baby!

There is no glass on the doors and so I've been browsing pinterest to get some ideas. I might use chicken wire to cover the doors and paint something beautiful in the back. Or I might use wainscoting to add texture and closure.

New hardware is needed and I would LOVE my husband to help me with adding some nice wood trip to the top. After he did our fireplace I'm sure he could do it :) I'll have to see if he's on board with my plan.

I just need to figure out a color for this and my sewing table. Paint color for the whole room might also be in the plans . . . oh man, this might be a lot of work.

Here's to a fun project ahead. I hope to get it done sooner and later. I have all kinds of things that need a home (i.e. need to de-clutter my sewing room).